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Pool Repair From Zion Pools

At Zion Pools, we are passionate about doing good work for every customer we serve.

Chemical Precision

Our technicians are safe and professional. We understand that your pool is a place for family and friends to gather and we strive to keep your pool safe and enjoyable. 

Expert Repairs

We are expert pool repairmen, ready to tackle problems on all major brands of pool equipment in a timely and efficient manner. This includes pool heaters, filters, pool pumps, and plumbing. 

Clear Communication

Lastly, our secret to excellent customer service, is an honest commitment to clear communication and timely response. We will do our best to return all calls and texts.

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Our Client's


Todd is wise, experienced, and a very responsive pool professional. Not only does he do a great job, but he goes out of his way for me when I have after-hour questions or concerns. I am grateful and relieved that I found his company several months ago. And, he is a super nice guy! Definitely worth your time to talk with him and consider retaining his services.

Clean Pool in Entrada

Patti Smith

We had never had a pool before and truly had no idea how to maintain or even run it. Luckily we found Todd with Zion Pools who has helped more than he knows. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and attentive. He is always available to help with questions, even on the weekend. Great service Todd. Thank you

Pool Serviced in Stone Cliff

Ron Bridge

Zion pools is very professional. They go above and beyond your average pool service, inspecting all components and being proactive to prevent costly repairs. Highly recommend this pool service company. Plus, they are really nice people!

Santa Clara Pool Repaired by Zion Pools

Deborah Jarman

Pool equipment

Keep your pool running smoothly with expert pool repairs from Zion Pools. We offer repairs on major brands of pool heaters, pool pumps, vacuums, control panels, filters, valves & more. Most people find us online by searching "pool repair near me". 

Pentair Pool Equipment

Replace outdated swimming pool equipment with new efficient models. Ask about our energy-saving products and alternative disinfectants. Zion Pools is your go-to company for pool service & repair.

Stone Cliff Swimming Pool

Cleanliness is the first step to quality swimming pool maintenance. Get your pool cleaned weekly by a professional. No more chasing leaves with your net and fighting with the pool chemistry.

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Request A Repair Quote Today!

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We provide swimming pool repair services to St. George.

If you're having pool equipment troubles then reach out now to get a repair quote. Our specialties include pool pumps, heaters, filters, valves, plumbing, vacuums, and more.

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Repair Guarantee from Zion Pools.

1. OEM Replacement Parts

We are committed to using the highest grade replacement parts and equipment for every repair and installation. 

2. Factory Warranty on New Equipment

Most equipment, when purchased from a service center such as Zion Pools, will come with a 1-2 year manufacturer warranty. Ask us to see if your products qualify.

3. Expert Workmanship 

With thousands of repairs performed, you can trust that we have the skill and knowledge to do things right.

4. Leave No Trace

Every repair or installation produces waste. We are committed to leaving your spaces cleaner than when we arrived. 

5. Quality Guarantee

If you are, for any reason, dissatisfied with the quality of our work, we will do our best to remedy the situation free of charge.

pool equipment repairs and upgrades

Smart Systems & Upgrades

Save on chemicals and energy with smart pool solutions from Zion Pools. 

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Pool Repair in St. George, Ut

Q: What do our pool repairs cover?

A: We provide pool repair service on most major brands of pool equipment for inground pools. This includes filters, heaters, pumps, control systems, vacuums, jets, in-floor cleaning systems, auto-fills, motors, and more. If your pool is in need of repair please reach out and start a conversation about the next step for getting a repair from Zion Pools. 

Q: How much does pool repair cost?

A: In most cases, we can give you an estimate over the phone that will be within 10% of the final cost of your pool repair. However, there are some circumstances where things may be different. Each repair job is bid according to the type of repair performed, proximity, and current client status. For example, if you're a regular pool service client and your autofill fails we can schedule your repair during our regular service visit to help save you money by performing two jobs during one visit. Call today to find out how much your pool repair should cost.

Q: Is professional pool repair worth the money?

A: If you're a DIY pool owner and have time and energy to do your own repairs then it makes sense to give it a shot first before calling us or even call for a free over-the-phone diagnosis before you start. Most pool owners find that hiring a professional service center is worth the money because we are experts and have the experience and know-how that makes the difference in repair quality. We guarantee the use of OEM parts and do our best to fix all apparent issues and determine the cause of failure to prevent future issues. In addition to expertise, most pool products come with a 2-3 year warranty when installed by a pool repair company like Zion Pools. This warranty is void or greatly decreased if you install the equipment yourself. Reach out today to find out more about pool repairs from Zion Pools. 

Q: How will pool repairs help me?

A: Your pool depends on the proper function of the equipment to keep the water safe and clear. In most cases, we find that poorly maintained pool equipment results in increased energy usage, chemical usage, and overall service costs. The "bandaid" and patch repairs are quick but can lead to future problems that end up costing you more money. Talk to a pool professional from Zion Pools today to find out if your pool system is working at its highest efficiency. 

Q: Pool repair near me?

A: Yes, we are a local pool service company founded in St. George, Utah. Our CEO Todd Hansen is a Utah local and alumni of Southern Utah University. When you choose Zion Pools for your pool repair company you are supporting a local business. We strive to build lasting relationships in the community and do our best to provide expert service to our customers. Pool service & repair becomes a routine part of life and with most customer relationships lasting many years, it's easy to see that choosing the right company is essential to your experience as a pool owner. At Zion Pools, we put our customers first. Lasting relationships and dependability set us apart from all the service companies in town.

Q: How do I get started with a pool repair?

A: You can call us today (435-287-5086) and request a pool repair quote, or send us an email at We will do our best to respond within 24hrs during the week. 

We repair pool equipment

If your pool system has failed or is running improperly then it's time to get in contact with Zion Pools. We are certified technicians ready to handle simple and complex pool repairs. 

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pool heater repair

What Sets Us Apart From Others

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What You Should Know About Pool Repair

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