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How to find a good pool cleaning company in Utah?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

If you're reading this blog, you likely found us on a search engine like google or duck duck go. We understand that these are the go-to methods for finding a new pool cleaning company, but there are also other methods. Continue to learn about other methods for finding good pool service in your area. If you want to call us you can click the button below.

1. Ask the supply store:

If you reach out to your pool supply company or one in the area the store associates will likely have some familiarity with local pool cleaning companies. You might ask something like

"Hey, we just moved to the area. We're looking for a good pool guy. do you have any recommendations?"

This way you find somebody that has at least a decent reputation and your odds of success with liking your pool guy will be much higher. (American Pool Supply)

2. You can call a pool builder:

A lot of pool builders are very busy but if you reach out and get a hold of someone ask for them to refer you to the best pool cleaner that they know. Pool builders often have a personal relationship with cleaning professionals as they manage brand new pools during the startup phase for pool builders. One of our favorite pool builders (Blue Water Pools)

3. Try HomeAdvisor:

HomeAdvisor is a tool online that gathers pool companies and other service companies related to your house. I do believe that companies have to pay to be listed on HomeAdvisor so keep that in mind you might not find the best company but someone that's probably looking to.

4. Ask your neighbors:

Odds are someone in your vicinity has a pool and it's likely that they've either needed a repair or asked someone to service their pool regularly for them. The benefit of this is that you might find someone willing to give you a discount on pool cleaning because of the proximity to one of their current customers.

5. Flag down the truck you see in your neighborhood:

So this one is a stretch but if you live in an area with a high pool density then it's likely that you see guys or ladies driving around in trucks with chemicals in the bed and a long pole sticking out of the back. Hopefully, they have their pool trucks marked with a phone number.

Extra tip to help your search:

Find a small company. It doesn't have to be an owner-operator set up but I always suggest supporting small businesses by finding a company that could use your business. Sure most companies are trying to grow but the odds of you having a good experience with your pool service professional will be much higher if the company is smaller and can give you the attention and give your pool the attention that it deserves. If you're in Saint George Utah looking for a pool cleaning service you can find our home page here. (Zion Pools)

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