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Pool Service

Quality Maintenance & Clear Communication

At Zion Pools, we are passionate about doing good work for every customer we serve.

Better Pool Service, Better Prices

Chemical Precision

Our technicians are safe and professional. We understand that your pool is a place for family and friends to gather and we strive to keep your pool safe and enjoyable. 

Expert Repairs

We are expert pool repairmen, ready to tackle problems on all major brands of pool equipment in a timely and efficient manner. This includes pool heaters, filters, pool pumps, and plumbing. 

Clear Communication

Lastly, our secret to excellent customer service, is an honest commitment to clear communication and timely response. We will do our best to return all calls and texts.

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Pool equipment

Keep your pool running smoothly with expert pool repairs from Zion Pools. We offer repairs on major brands of pool heaters, pool pumps, vacuums, control panels, filters, valves & more. Most people find us online by searching "pool repair near me". 

Pentair Pool Equipment

Replace outdated swimming pool equipment with new efficient models. Ask about our energy-saving products and alternative disinfectants. Zion Pools is your go-to company for pool service & repair.

Stone Cliff Swimming Pool

Cleanliness is the first step to quality swimming pool maintenance. Get your pool cleaned weekly by a professional. No more chasing leaves with your net and fighting with the pool chemistry.

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Pool Service in St. George, Utah

Q: What does pool maintenance include?

A: Pool maintenance includes monitoring and managing your pool systems. Our standard weekly pool service package includes: Emptying skimmer baskets, emptying pump baskets, brushing pool surfaces as needed, skimming surface debris, monitoring pool equipment, adjusting schedules, balancing pool chemistry, & backwashing sand filters. Our pool service keeps your pool looking fantastic all year. We offer weekly and sometimes bi-weekly visits. 

Q: How do I know when my pool needs repair?

A: Keeping your pool equipment running properly is essential. Swimming pool repairs can be frustrating and expensive without proper training and experience.


If you regularly see water around your pool equipment, hear abnormally loud sounds coming from your pool heater or pool pump, or notice that the pool is not staying clean and clear. Your pool system may be in need of repair. 

Q: How much does pool service in Saint George cost?

A: Typically, to have your pool serviced weekly by a professional, you can expect to pay between $35 & $50 per visit. Our service packages vary, but most people prefer our standard package. Our standard pool maintenance package offers weekly visits that cover all cleaning and chemical needs. 

Q: Is pool service worth the money?

A: This will vary from person to person, but the value of pool maintenance is worth mentioning. Usually, the peace of mind that comes from having a professional regularly monitor your pool is enough. However, the perks of not cleaning surfaces and balancing your chemistry are also valuable. 

When a professional is routinely visiting your pool, repairs and adjustments are done promptly, which extends the life of your pool and equipment. Neglected repairs can worsen over time and cause damage to equipment and your pool surfaces. A poorly managed pool will degrade quickly. Looking at this long term it is possible to see how pool service can actually save you money over the life of your pool. 

Another critical thing to note is responsiveness. If you have a dedicated pool technician, the likelihood of you getting repairs done quickly is much higher. Common situations when family or friends visit, and suddenly your heater stops working. Usually, we can get to repairs within 48hrs, especially for our dedicated clients.

Q: How will pool service help me?

A: All of us locals in St. George know that summers can be brutal and relentless. With 300+ days of clear skies per year, your pool is constantly being bombarded by UV. Enjoy your pool without the headache of chemistry and maintenance. Our team is trained to manage pool chemistry with great precision.


Our methods ensure that your pool will look great more often and sustain the summer heat without turning green. ​To get more info on our pool maintenance company, I suggest giving us a call. You can reach us during regular business hours Mon-Fri. 435-287-5086

Q: Are we a local pool company?

A: Yes, we are a local pool service company founded in St. George, Utah. Our CEO Todd Hansen is a Utah local and alumni of Southern Utah University. When you choose Zion Pools for your pool service company, you are supporting a local business. Most locals find us by searching online for "pool maintenance near me"


We strive to build lasting relationships in the community and do our best to provide expert service to our customers. With most customer relationships lasting many years, it's easy to see that choosing the right company is essential to your experience as a pool owner. Your pool guy will be a friendly and familiar face.


At Zion Pools, we put our customers first because our customers are our neighbors and friends. This dedication to the community sets us apart from others in the industry. If you want a personalized and personable experience with your pool maintenance company, then Zion Pools is for you.

Q: How do I get signed up for pool service?

A: You can call us today (435-287-5086) and request a pool service quote or send us an email to We will do our best to respond within 24hrs during the week. 

You can also scroll back to the top of this page and submit a contact form. Once submitted, a representative will reach out to you within 24hrs during business days. Search "pool service near me" to find us online.

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Weekly Pool service from Zion Pools Includes:

1. Chemical Analysis

Our chemical analysis is precise and effective. Our protocol is to check Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Salt (if applicable), Cyanuric Acid, Phosphates, and Total Dissolved Solids. Water chemistry is our specialty.

2. Water Balance

Once the chemical analysis is performed we will calculate the appropriate dosages for your pool and make the adjustments. Keeping your chemistry on point is key to extending the life of your pool and creating an enjoyable experience for swimmers.

3. Equipment Monitoring

Each week we will check for leaks, empty pump baskets, backwash sand filters, and remove that pair of goggles that always gets stuck in your pool sweeper.

4. Pool Cleaning Service

In addition to chemistry, our weekly pool service visits will include skimming and brushing pool surfaces and floor debris, emptying skimmer baskets, and brushing pool walls and ledges as needed.

5. Email Updates

Once your pool service visit is complete, you will receive an email notification outlining the time of service and the amount of chemicals added.

6. Professional Support

We are easy to contact and quick to respond to our dedicated clients. As a weekly service customer, you can count on us to be available when you need us most. 

Pool Tile Cleaning Service in St. George

Pool Tile Cleaning & Calcium Removal

Make your tile like-new again. We use Eco-friendly tile cleaning equipment that is very effective and safe for your swimming pool. Our surface restoration equipment can clean glass, ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain tiles. Call today for a free estimate. 

Weekly Cleaning Service * Chemical Balance * Chemical Delivery * Equipment Upgrades * Pump Repair * Heater Repair * Filter Cleaning * UV Systems * Plumbing * Lights * Vacuums * Controllers * 
Weekly Cleaning Service * Chemical Balance * Chemical Delivery * Equipment Upgrades * Pump Repair * Heater Repair * Filter Cleaning * UV Systems * Plumbing * Lights * Vacuums * Controllers * 
Weekly Cleaning Service * Chemical Balance * Chemical Delivery * Equipment Upgrades * Pump Repair * Heater Repair * Filter Cleaning * UV Systems * Plumbing * Lights * Vacuums * Controllers * 

Pool Maintenance Blog: Tips & Tricks

Why Choose Zion Pools?

Pool Service

Patti Smith

Todd is wise, experienced, and a very responsive pool professional. Not only does he do a great job, but he goes out of his way for me when I have after-hour questions or concerns. I am grateful and relieved that I found his company several months ago. And, he is a super nice guy! Definitely worth your time to talk with him and consider retaining his services.

Pool Service

Deborah Jarman

Zion pools is very professional. They go above and beyond your average pool service, inspecting all components and being proactive to prevent costly repairs. Highly recommend this pool service company. Plus, they are really nice people!

Pool Service

Ron Bridge

We had never had a pool before and truly had no idea how to maintain or even run it. Luckily we found Todd with Zion Pools who has helped more than he knows. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and attentive. He is always available to help with questions, even on the weekend. Great service Todd. Thank you

Pool Service

Etienne Brasher

"They have been the best pool service company we have found in the St. George/Washington area. We have been through several different pool service companies over the last 15 years that have not been honest or dependable. Zion Pools, Todd, has been so easy to work with. We have been with them for the last 4 years and have loved this company. Todd has been accessible and easy to reach. Quick to respond to problems and get them fixed. Alert us of issues when we aren’t there, because it is a vacation home used by many. This way Zion Pools keeps it working and running so that all can enjoy it when they get there. We really appreciate all that they have done for us with servicing our pool and hot tub."

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